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Production and sales performance of Khorasan Steel Complex Co in recent years

Khorasan Steel Complex Co has always been successful in production by careful planning, providing raw materials at the right time and minimizing planned production shutdown. Last year, this company took a 5% share with the production of 483.8 thousand tons of rebar and 4% share of the production of these products in Iran with the production of 769.8 thousand tons of billet ingots. Khorasan Steel Complex Co has been able to add 3% of the production of each of these products to its portfolio by producing more than 1.5 million tons of pellets and 967,933 tons of sponge iron. Considering the significant growth of this company's production in recent months, it is expected that the production of this company's products will grow significantly in 2023 due to the plans made to improve processes, growth and productivity.

The measures of Khorasan Steel Complex Co in recent years have made this company always successful in sales. The company's product portfolio includes light steel sections, ingots and sponge iron, and the pellet is used as an intermediate product and feed for direct reduced iron units. Diversification of the product portfolio is one of the most important strategies of Khorasan Steel Complex Co, which has brought significant results to this company. Among the most important sales achievements of this company, we can mention the 24% growth of the domestic sales tonnage of light construction products and the 4% growth of the total sales tonnage of the products in 2022.