Policy on Integrated Management System

(Quality, customer satisfaction, customer complaint handling, environment, health, safety (EHS), training and energy)
Khorasan Steel Complex Company takes steps toward sustainable value creation for shareholders:
The company complies with international standards including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 10015, ISO 50001, ISO 10004, and ISO 10002 to implement, maintain and constantly do the following:
- improve quality performance
- assess and analyze customer satisfaction and customer complaint handling
- develop and empower the personnel
- improve environmental performance
- create a safe and healthy environment.
- promote training quality for the personnel and stakeholders
- improve energy performance   
- spur economic and social development in the region

Based on its Strategy Document, the company has adopted a risk-based approach and set the following objectives when it comes to production of steel rebar used in construction, billets, direct reduced iron (sponge iron) and pellets. It also monitors and controls the way it achieves these goals.
- Improving the quality of products and services
- Timely delivery of products and services
- Improving the way customer complaints and feedback are handled
- Increasing the stakeholders’ satisfaction
- Optimal use of resources
- Protecting the environment including prevention of pollution and abidance by other commitments related to the company’s environment
- Increasing the safety factor and promoting the occupational health of the personnel and contractors by preventing work-related injuries and diseases
- Comprehensive development of the personnel’s training, participation and motivation in order to raise their awareness, promote cultural issues and boost their commitment  
- Management and promotion of the energy performance.

Given these objectives, the company announces its commitment to the following:  
- Compliance with legal and other requirements
- Constant improvement
- Focusing on increasing the level of customer satisfaction
- Making the required information and resources available to materialize the stated objectives
- Lending constant support to designing and procurement of equipment, products and services based on higher energy efficiency.

By communicating this policy, I announce my commitment to its content and invite my advisers, deputies, managers, colleagues as well as real and legal entities who work for the company to actively contribute to the implementation of the requirements of the company’s Integrated Management System (IMS). The Organizational Excellence and Quality Assurance Office of the Planning and Technology Department will supervise the workings of this system and its compliance with the requirements by carrying out internal and third-party auditing and periodical and case-by-case monitoring and reporting the results to me and other decision makers in the company in line with protection, maintenance and promotion of the Integrated Management System.